Angioplasty Failure Prevention

Now there is a new, non-invasive procedure to identify and help prevent cardiac angioplasty failures, and other heart problems. This website will provide information. With approximately 35% of all angioplasties failing, wouldn't you want to know before the 1st, 2nd or even 3rd angioplasty failed-if you have risk-factors(s) making your angioplasty 2 1/2 times more likely to fail. Pioneering clinical research begun in 1992, and published in 1996 and 1997 (mayo clinic proceedings 1996, and 1997) conducted by Dr. Mark Goodman has identified “cardio-toxic” risk-factors which very successfully predict whose cardiac angioplasty will fail prior to the patient undergoing their first cardiac angioplasty procedure. Additionally, my medical journal published research has also predicted same-site second cardiac angioplasty failures, as well as predict other adverse cardiac clinical events before the patient becomes symptomatic. I have then exclusively pioneered a highly successful, totally non-invasive risk-factor modification intervention program of 8-12 hours duration (divided into multiple sessions) that very significantly further reduces same-site cardiac angioplasty failure; thus sparing many from coronary artery by-pass grafting/open-heart surgery. This non-invasive treatment program also assists in preventing and reversing other cardiac disease related disorders, such as: high-blood-pressure, strokes, obesity, anger, and other vascular related disorders.

Services Offered

Geriatric Dementia Assessments/Memory Loss Reversal*Functional Neurocognitive Exams:
Preventative & Behavioral Medicine:-Head traumas, memory loss, dementia, strokes,
-Angioplasty Failure Prevention*environmental/occupational & toxic exposure,
-Cardiac Risk-Factor Modification*psychological & behavioral disorders
-Cardiac Rehab-Phase IIIResidual Functional Capacity Exams
-Implantable Cardioverter DefribrillatorsDisability/Employability Assessment
-Panic Disorder causes effectively treatedForensic & Court-Ordered Evaluation
Biofeedback: for medical disorders*Peer & Utilization Reviews
Neuro/Psychophysiologic Disorders treated*Cross-Examination Preparation
-Operant & Respondent Behavior Modification*Expert Testimony as Scientist/Practitioner
Peer & Utilization Reviews/I.M.E.'sIndependent Medical Exams

*Based upon my published Medical Journal research

Mission Statement:
This Angioplasty Restenosis/Failure Prevention Program is provided exclusively by Dr. Mark Goodman who has achieved international recognition for his Medical Journal, Peer-Reviewed, published research pioneering identification, and total non-invasive treatment/modification of risk-factors for cardiac angioplasty failure/restenosis (i.e.: restenosis is when the heart blood vessel(s) which was re-opened failed, and narrows again at the site of the angioplasty). Dr. Mark Goodman is fully licensed in New York, U.S.A., and provides this treatment program himself only, and does not utilize technicians, assistants, nor paraprofessionals.

Since beginning my Angioplasty Restenosis/Failure Prevention Program in 1995 as experimental grant funded research, over 300 status-post cardiac angioplasty patients have been treated with this program. The success rate of my Angioplasty Restenosis/Failure Prevention Program is approximately 92%. Thus, about 92% of my patients who have failed a minimum of two previous same-site cardiac angioplasty’s (PTCA-Percutaneous Transluminal Coronary Angioplasty) have had those previously failed restenosed cardiac angioplasty artery site(s) remain open for at least a minimum of 3 years. In many cases, this Intervention Program has reduced/postponed the urgent need for coronary artery by-pass grafting open-heart surgery. While my patients have ranged in age from 26-74 years of age, my best/longest successes are in those individuals aged 26-52.

If interested, I kindly invite you to read The Experts Speak Interview which immediately follows below on this web-site. It provides a description of my totally non-invasive Angioplasty Restenosis/Failure Prevention Program, and may respond to frequently asked questions. Abstracts/components of my actual original published medical journal research articles are also available on this web-site for educational viewing.

Click here for "The Experts Speak Interview"

(Point/click for each named, published research article which is highlighted in the blue left hand margin).

Consultation Service:
Fee: $300 per hour by telephone (or face-to-face) for administration, and scoring with immediate verbal feed-back regarding results of the verbally administered “cardio-toxic” Type-A “Structured-Interview” which also serves as a pre-treatment baseline for assessment of the presence of identifying risk-factors. This is typically scheduled within approximately 7 days following conclusion of initial telephone contact with my office. The assessment identification of this “cardio-toxic” risk-factor via telephone or in-person interview using the same verbally administered assessment as I used in the August, 1996 Mayo Clinic Proceedings article is $300 for a one-hour consultation. This allows time to respond to questions, and provide explanations and, of course education. The Angioplasty Restenosis/Failure Prevention Program at $300 per hour is comprised of approximately 8-12 hours. Thus, the cost ranges from $2400-$3600 depending upon the number, and degree of severity of risk factors requiring treatment intervention modification. As I have opted to not become a participating provider with insurance companies, pre-payment in advance to reserve either the initial one-hour “Structured Interview” assessment for the “cardio-toxic” risk-factor with verbal feedback, or for the Intervention Treatment Program is required in advance. The fee however, may potentially be reimbursable to the patient. Cancellation for the treatment program with 72 hours notice or less, will result in loss of half of the full fee.

Office Hours
My New York City office hours for face-to-face assessment and/or treatment are flexible including 3-day weekend treatment packages. This treatment intervention program also includes a significant, easy to understand, risk-factor educational component with immediate verbal feedback with as much time as is necessary to respond to all patient questions without feeling rushed. My Consultation-Liaison feedback to your local treating physician/cardiologist with follow-up treatment recommendations is also available if desired.

This Angioplasty Restenosis/Failure Prevention Program is provided by Dr. Mark Goodman, without technicians/assistants, and in the strictest confidence and privacy. Special “V.I.P.” local logistic arrangements (and security) are available. My private practice is low volume with no waiting, because no patients are scheduled before, or after you on your treatment days. I am also available to travel to the patient’s location with proper pre-arranged authorizations.

Contact Information

Dr. Mark Goodman
Phone: (646) 639-8564

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